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Cracksealing machine Strassmayr RWK modernisation project

Cooperation with Neovia and MRF – creating new RWK model 

When great user experience meets technology and the desire for innovation, amazing things can happen. This is how we created the new model of our Cracksealing unit – the RWK 600/500 FR.

Strassmayr RWK Cracksealing Machine - backstage of modernisation in France / Zalewarka do szczelin RWK Strassmayr - nowe rozwiązania techniczne

Strassmayr RWK 600/500 – testing cameras system in Crack Portal

In France, which is one of the largest and most demanding market for road maintenance, we found Neovia – an actively working company with many years of experience in road renovations.

Engineers and operators from Neovia told us about the problems they have met while using different types of cracksealing machines. Over a dosen people from our technological department have been working together with the operators of these machines to confront their expectations. After many weeks we finally did it! Our RWK went through not just a small facelifting, but a huge overall metamorphosis.

We have made significant changes to the construction of the machine. It is now much more compact and ergonomic. It also has a modernized heating system so that the material heats up much faster and you can start the work up to an hour earlier! We have increased the possible productivity to 6,000 m of sealed cracks or joints per day.

However, the biggest challenge was to create the automatic measurement system of everyday work. We proudly present the Crack Portal. Thanks to the thermal imaging camera we can recognize freshly sealed cracks and joints and measure their length very precisely. Using the on-board computer we have the possibility to store the working data and send it to our dedicated www service.

We would like to thank the company Neovia for their valuable comments, ideas and desire to work at the highest level of technological development. We hope that our joint project will make your everyday work easier.

Strassmayr - backstage of the work with cracksealing machine RWK

Strassmayr – backstage of the work with cracksealing machine RWK in France