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designed for paving road sides with all kinds of materials, machine pulled by a truck-tipper

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The STRASSMAYR BF 290 has been designed to solve all aspects of roadside work, such as road widening, hard shoulder work or cable and pipeline trench filling. PULLed verion is powered by own diesel engine and can be pulled by a truck-tipper. It can be controlled hydraulically or by electro valves. All different types of soil, gravel, grit and asphalt can be used with this unit. A specially designed screed allows to lay several material layers up to 1 meters in width. Additional sweeping brush mounted under the operator seat ensures the cleanliness of the process.

  • The quickest method to lay all kinds of materials on a roadside (including hot asphalt mixture)
  • Powered by it’s own Kubota engine
  • All stages of repair are carried out with one device and operator
  • Easily attached to any tipper hook
  • Lifted front plate allows to adjust and tightly seal the tipper box, preventing material from being discharged on the road
  • Possibility of laying up to 1 000 mm by width
  • Possibility to work with different roadside angles and depths
  • Optional electric control of all functions
  • Optional brush to clean any leftover material from the road
  • Versions for right- and left-hand work

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