STRASSMAYR Type TS C Vario sprinkler

STRASSMAYR Type TS C Vario sprinkler
Computer technology for precise and uniform spraying a road surface with emulsion.

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Straßmayr Type TS C Vario sprinkler is used to evenly spray a road surface with emulsion.
Emulsion is collected in an insulated tank to keep the set temperature during the working process.
The innovative design of the spraying beam enables stepless, hydraulic working width adjusted up to 5 m.

The proper course of the spraying process is controlled by the computer system. All information needed to carry out the process is transferred by the operator using the touch screen on the control panel in the driver cabin of a vehicle – carrier.

The machine was awarded with the title of “Quality of 2011”, in the innovative product category.

  • Stepless and smooth adjustment of spraying width
  • Automatic temperature control of emulsion
  • Keeping spraying capacity without the need to keep a constant vehicle speed
  • Working platforms help you carry out maintenance, repair and adjusting works
  • Possibility of the shell heating of the emulsion pump
  • Possibility to use the shell heating of the emulsion pump with high capacity up to 550l/min.
  • Possibility of heating the spraying beam
  • Possibility to use the spraying beam with double coverage – nozzles spacing of 125 mm.
  • Possibility to cover the surface spraying system with lime milk
  • Possibility to use the spraying beam with a width of 5 m.
  • Possible additional water tank of 2000 l to refill the rolls.
  • Possible additional fuel tank with the distribution system with a capacity of 900 l to refill the machines on a construction site
  • Possibility to install two cameras placed on the back wall of the sprinkler

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