STRASSMAYR A 500 sprinkler

STRASSMAYR A 500 sprinkler
Manoeuvrability, dimensions and possibility to work in hard-to-reach areas are the advantages of small Strassmayr sprinklers.

Straßmayr A 500 sprinkler is intended for spraying works of small areas without the need for transport and heating of large emulsion tanks.
A500 operator has the lance made of light steel alloys with 5 m long hose. The lance is finished with a cone nozzle allowing for accurate and quick spraying of even large surfaces.

The safe, cheap gas emulsion heating system equipped with a thermometer is responsible for keeping the right temperature of emulsion. The emulsion tank is insulated with hard mineral wool.

Excellent manoeuvrability of the sprinkler was achieved through the complete independence of the carrier. It can be installed on a vehicle, trailer or construction site.

The machine has a drive of all features in a form of an internal diesel combustion engine driving the emulsion pump. The whole spraying system was equipped with the treatment system using compressed air and liquid.

  • Simple, comfortable and uncomplicated construction of the machine.
  • Easy access to all components of the device.
  • The possibility to work with different carriers.
  • Small size for quick and cheap transport to a construction site.
  • No need to heat large amounts of material for small-surface sprays.

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