Strassmayr MaxMobile

Strassmayr MaxMobile
Ultimate mobility paired with highest production capabilities

Strassmayr MaxMobile asphalt plants were developed to achieve most compact and easy to transport solution on the market.
Mobile foundations together with self-lifting hydraulic package are included in standard, allowing rapid erection process each time the plant is relocated. Each unit is completely pre-wired and equipped with plug & play socket connections. The plants are fully protected from winter and theft thanks to special sandwich panels covering the crucial components of each unit. The costs of site development is highly reduced because no concrete foundations are required. These plants are offered in two capacities: 120 TPH and 160 TPH. Many customisation options are possible.

  • Simple and modular construction, ensuring quick and easy set-up
  • Innovative screening drum design, reducing the heat lost in standard hot aggregate elevator
  • Maximum versatility and flexibility by each batch
  • Wide range of optional equipment, including RAP/Hot RAP, SMA or VIATOP dosing systems
  • Eco-friendly pollution control systems
  • Easy customization and installation of additional equipment
  • No concrete foundations required