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Cracksealing machine STRASSMAYR RWK 600/500 HC

Cracksealing machine STRASSMAYR RWK 600/500 HC

Cracksealing machine assembled on homologated 2 axle trailer equipped with compressor

The Strassmayr RWK HC crack-sealing machine is designed for implementation of entire process of crack sealing, including cleaning and warming of crack, easy preparation and dosage of special sealing compounds for the cracks, joints or road edges.

The unit is assembled on the tandem trailer, with the opportunity of self-drive on the jobsite.

The main tank walls are filled with thermal oil, allowing to work with sealing materials heated up to 180˚C.

The vertical mixer and heated grill located on the top of the boiler are ensuring constant delivery of the sealing compounds to the applicator lance without the risk of blocking the mixer operation while adding fresh blocks of material.

Set includes:

  • crack sealing unit Strassmayr RWK 600/500 FR with engine drive
  • screw compressor KAESER M 27 with engine drive
  • excellent quality and durability of sealing
  • independent drive with the steering system
  • heated grate
  • horizontal mixer
  • convenient operator's position
  • efficient, continuous operation without interruption for heating up the loaded mass
  • individual spraying nozzles activating
  • 4-meter hose which can also be electrically heated