Strassmayr RWK 600/500 slots Cracksealing machine

Strassmayr RWK 600/500 slots Cracksealing machine
Precise filling of cracks and expansion joints in a road surface.

Straßmayr RWK 600/500 filling machine for cracks is used for preparing and dispensing special sealants and filling masses for cracks in repaired surfaces and expansion joints in new road investments. The machine automatically heats a poured mass to a temperature of 180°C. The machine is constructed on a delivery vehicle trailer or a goods trailer; it is equipped with a heating boiler heated by thermal oil and feeding pump with a hydraulic drive. The spraying lance with the feeding hose allows for trouble-free filling of each slot. The spraying beam suitable to spray a sealant or asphalt allows to spray edges of a freshly laid bituminous mass.

  • Excellent quality and durability of filling
  • Independent drive with the steering system
  • Heated grate
  • Horizontal stirrer
  • Convenient operator position.
  • Possibility of efficient, continuous operation without interruption for heating up the loaded mass.
  • Possibility to activate individual spraying nozzles
  • 4-meter hose which can also be electrically heated
  • Easily disassembly with stand-off legs

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