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STRASSMAYR Type STP 1010 joystick road repairing machine

STRASSMAYR Type STP 1010 joystick road repairing machine

The computerized control for efficient execution of pothole reparation.

Patcher Strassmayr STP 1010 joystick maintenance machine is an upgraded version of well-known STP 1008 unit, designed for even quicker and more efficient reparation of potholes with blow-patching technology. Thanks to the automatization of the repair process with EasyPatch system, we have gained additional control and precision in material delivery. The percentage of emulsion in the mixture is now controlled by the computer, which analyses the mixture settings and adjusts them to the speed of repair. New emulsion system with 2 pumps, bigger engine and emulsion tank sizes up to 4000 l help to deliver quality repairs even in distant locations. All controls are handled by a system comprising of LCD touch-screen and knobs located inside of the truck cabin.

Model STP 1010/4000 JOY STP 1010/6000 JOY
Capacity of emulsion 2000 l 2000 l
Capacity of stones 4 m3 6 m3
  • Quick and efficient repair of road surfaces using emulsions and gravel
  • EasyPatch system for precise control of flow of materials
  • PatchPortal system with GPS and GSM for remote control of workflow
  • Operator safety
  • Special hydraulic front-plate for slope compensation
  • All stages of repair are carried out with one device, the operator and the driver
  • Quick and easy disassembly of the machine and the possibility to set on legs
  • Coat heating of the emulsion pump and the filter
  • “By-pass” - the system for automatic reduction of the speed of feeding gravel