Оборудование для укладки обочин BF 290

Оборудование для укладки обочин BF 290
Самый быстрый и экономически эффективный способ строительства обочин дорог и расширения существующих дорог.

Straßmayr BF 290 Road widener is designed to quickly construct roadsides with both loose material and asphalt mass. The device is designed to be installed on a loader, backhoe loader or tractor by means of a quick coupler. One operator is provided for operation, optionally working from any chosen place thanks to the wireless remote control. The paver has its own, independent drive for all functions. It is equipped with its own KUBOTA engine and a hydraulic pump. Optional front towing set can be delivered, quickly changing the unit and allowing to work with simple hook connection to the tipper.
Thanks to the additional accessories which increase the capacity, the paver allows to lay up to 3000 mm of width.
The paver design allows for quick and trouble-free replacement of the feeding belt.

  • The quickest method to lay aggregate and hot-asphalt-mixture on a roadside.
  • All stages of a repair are carried out with one device and operator.
  • The machine is quickly ready to work.
  • Lifted front plate allows to adjust a tipper box, preventing material from being discharged during overloading.
  • Possibility of laying up to 3000 mm.
  • Optional wireless radio control.
  • Versions for right- and left-hand work.
  • Optional front towing set.

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