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We exist since 1938

The Strassmayr brand history has begun in Austria, more than 80 years ago, in 1938, in a small town of Adlwang. Initially the company was engaged in metal treatment.

Thanks to the Strassmayr family determination, as well as to the emerging opportunities of the company development, in late 1965 – early 1966 the company produced the first bitumen spraying machine driven by an industrial tractor. This event was a new chapter in the Strassmayr company history. Since that time, the key company’s activity has been the manufacture of road building and repairing machines.

Constant development …

From the very beginning of the company, the key issue was a constant technology development. By creating new types of technique, the Strassmayr company defined new trends in road building. The technology of roadway replacement work, patching or crack filling – these are only a few of solutions implemented by the manufacturer, which are still used in road repairing.

Advanced innovation center
and high-quality construction.

Best innovative Strassmayr road repairing machines with numerous quality awards

Due to the dynamic operation of the Center for Innovation and the Design Department, the company annually implements innovative technologies and changes, ensuring leading positions for the manufacturer in the industry. In view of a constant development of the company, the Strassmayr Group was founded, with constantly increasing number of customers. The typical orange road machinery has become an integral part of the European and international road projects’ landscapes.

Nowadays the Strassmayr brand is associated with a high-quality machinery and additional service provided by the company. Professional and quality-oriented approach is confirmed by numerous certificates and awards, granted to the company. The customers appreciate the innovative products, prompt deliveries and service reliability.

During the last years the Strassmayr Group has been systematically developing the network of authorized dealers – not only in Europe,
but all over the world, in order to reach each customer, and to provide the customers with effective and professional service.