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Surface slurry-mixing unit Strassmayr STS

Surface slurry-mixing unit Strassmayr STS

a device that will carry out the entire process of repairing the surface using the slurry seal method

Strassmayr STS is prepared for assembly on a 3 axle truck or on a semi-trailer and is designed to perform large road surface repairs using slurry seal and micro-surfacing technology. Special construction of the unit with easy access to all required main components allows trouble-free operation and service.

Model STS 8000 STS 12000
Assembly on 3 axle truck semi-trailer
Capacity of emulsion 2000 l 5000 l
Capacity of water 1600 l 4000 l
Capacity of additives 300 l 300 l
Capacity of stones 8 m3 12 m3
Capacity of filler 500 l 500 l
  • ready for assembly on a 3-axle truck or on a semi-trailer
  • equipped with two-shaft high performance mixer with paddles covered by sintered carbides, ensuring best quality of mixing and long service life
  • screed HSS 4000/2500 with hydraulic regulation of working width ensures good quality and trouble-free operation
  • optional computer system responsible for automatic regulation of delivery process
  • optional fiber cutting system