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STRASSMAYR R 4000 Trailer surface repairing machine

STRASSMAYR R 4000 Trailer surface repairing machine

Computer control of the emulsion spraying process and gravel scattering for professional repairs of a surface.

Straßmayr R 4000 Trailer surface repairing machine provides high quality of carried out works, both during a renovation carried out on the entire width of a road and in the case of work on selected areas.
The machine is constructed on a single-axis trailer, adjusted in size to a total load resulting from the size of the aggregate and emulsion tank.
Electronic control of the dispensing process allows to control the emulsion spraying process on a surface followed by scattering of gravel, with a computer, which makes the working efficiency dependent on the working speed of the set.
Computer support is through an intuitive touch-sensitive desktop with the possibility to install a printer.

  • Constructed on a single chassis.
  • Preparation for large-area repair works.
  • High capacity of the repairing process.
  • Easy loading of gravel. 
  • One-person operation.
  • Possibility to increase a working width on one side.

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