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Transport of bituminous mass with the guarantee to keep temperature, which allows it to be laid throughout the working day.

Straßmayr Type AC E thermos is intended for the transport of bituminous under conditions that ensure keeping temperature, which allows it to be laid.
The use of the thermos technology allows for the repair with bituminous mass at a great distance from the plant.
The thermos can be installed on any truck. To facilitate the repair works, the thermos is equipped with an insulated emulsion tank with a heating system and a spraying lance.
Opening and closing the thermos is by hydraulic cylinders controlled from the operator cockpit. The foldable ladder on the front wall of the device makes it easy to reach the closing flaps.

Models available in AC E line:

Model AC 6000 E AC 9000 E
Capacity of hot asphalt 6000 kg 9000 kg
Capacity of emulsion 350 l 350 l
  • Keeping a suitable temperature of bituminous mass throughout the period of the work
  • The device is equipped with the emulsion tank
  • It can be installed on any truck
  • Quick installation and disassembly of the thermos
  • Convenient, auger system to feed mass

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