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STRASSMAYR Type STP 1008 Joystick road repairing machine

STRASSMAYR Type STP 1008 Joystick road repairing machine

The safest and most convenient repairing machine to repair road surfaces.

Straßmayr Type STP 1008 Joystick road repairing machine is designed to partially repair road surfaces. The entire repair is carried out using one device controlled by the operator with a joystick from the vehicle cabin, using the technology of emulsion and gravel. The device is installed on a truck. Strassmayr repairing machine has an independent drive for all features, is equipped with hydraulic suspended working arm, installed on the front of a vehicle. The arm installed in the front of a vehicle provides maximum operator safety, which supports all stages of the repair process of a surface without leaving a vehicle cabin.
The front arm enables to work with a road surface in front of a vehicle within 3.5 m.
The innovative bypass system allows to automatically reduce gravel ejection from the nozzle of the repairing machine, which greatly reduces the amount of wasted material surrounding the area to be repaired.

Model STP 1008/4000 JOY STP 1008/6000 JOY
Capacity of emulsion 1100 l 1400 l
Capacity of stones 4 m3 6 m3
  • One-person operation supports all stages of repair of a surface
  • The use of the world-renowned emulsion and gravel technology
  • Quick and easy disassembly of the machine and the possibility to set on legs
  • Operator safety
  • “By-pass” - the system for automatic reduction of the speed of feeding gravel

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